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Providing a Better Customer Experience with AI (seriously!)

May 16, 2024

The business landscape is noisy and crowded for most of us. But keeping your customers happy and engaged is crucial to your success and their return. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a powerful toolkit to elevate your customer experience in ways you might not have thought of. And it’s not about replacing your employees with robots.…

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Fire Up Your Email Marketing with These Action-Driving Subject Lines

May 14, 2024

As a business owner, you are well-served by collecting emails and running an email marketing campaign if for no other reason than to remain top-of-mind with your customers. When they’re getting emails from you with exciting news and great deals (who couldn’t use those these days?) they’ll get used to hearing from you and seeing…

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Green IS the Color of Money: How Sustainability Equals Big Wins for Business

May 3, 2024

Even with costs escalating, consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on a company’s values. Sustainability and transparency are no longer just buzzwords – they’re key factors influencing brand loyalty and attracting a new generation of eco-conscious customers. According to recent research, consumers sustainability demands are rising and customers are willing to pay more for…

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Tips for Reining in Your Focus in a Distracted World

April 22, 2024

Small business owners and solopreneurs learn quickly that they must wear many hats. While this ability to work in every area of their business may save money in the short term, it doesn’t take long to understand that multitasking can be bad for business. When your focus is diluted across many channels and business goals,…

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