Harnessing Your Healing Mind

February 22, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
The Path Center for Healing
251 E Main St
Galesburg, IL 61401
$80 for all 6 weeks
Sallee Wade

Sallee Wade is leading another great meditation class: Harnessing Your Healing Mind. Neuroscience reveals new methods for cultivating parts of our brain to reduce stress and solve everyday problems more healthfully. In this meditation series we’ll include techniques from Dr. Martin Rossman’s “The Worry Solution”, recently seen on PBS. As ‘Dr. Marty’ puts it, we humans are ‘hardwired’ to worry. But we don’t have to let worry, negative self talk and old mental belief tapes clog up our thought system! Combining specific breath and meditation techniques with guided imagery, we’ll learn to distinguish ‘worries’ we can’t do anything about, from those we can. We’ll also learn to access our innate inner wisdom to help guide us through the ‘stuff’ we all face and help us build resilience in a rapidly changing world.

You will need a journal, an adventurous imagination, & a 6-week commitment to your own well-being!